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Writers Camp and What We Can Learn About Storytelling

  • Scott Lamar

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Broadcast date: Wednesday, August 10, 2022

HippoCamp: A Conference for Creative Non-Fiction Writers is an annual event produced by freelancers/volunteers Seahorse Magazine.

It will take place this weekend, August 12-14, in Lancaster.

Released on Wednesday Smart talk Donna Talarico, founder of Hippocampus Magazine & Books, said of the event: “We have about 250 people signed up so far and it starts Friday, ends Sunday, and it’s mostly filled with breakout sessions. and panels on the art of writing, promoting your work, publishing your work, and living the life of a writer. How do you integrate writing into everything in your life?”

Storytelling is an integral part of writing. Jamie Beth Cohen, author and storyteller, who was named Best Storyteller at Lancaster in 2021, spoke about ways to become a good storyteller: “When you tell a story, you tell it to one person. And that’s all you really need to focus on. And we do it at the table. You know when my kids come home from school and I say, how was your day? They tell me a story. And many people have had this experience in their families. So I believe that part of it is innate. And for many of us, we can learn the skills. And you don’t have to be extroverted to get on stage and tell a story. It’s really like telling one person.

How do you keep stories engaging and cut out parts that aren’t interesting or have no impact? “What I tell people when I teach workshops is to write everything down, write down every detail, write down everything you remember, write everything down. Next, decide what your message or message will be, then get rid of any details that don’t support that message.