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World Book Day: storytelling fun for Ramsgate Arts Primary

Students dressed as favorite storybook characters

Submitted to the Thanet Gazette

Children, families and staff at Ramsgate Arts Primary shared the joy of writing and speaking to celebrate the 25th anniversary of World Book Day.

School was a riot of colorful costumes; characters from a range of authors popped off the pages of storybooks and into classrooms and hallways as students dressed as their favourites.

And it wasn’t just the kids as teachers dressed as 101 Dalmatians with Mr. Budge as their menacing enemy Cruella de Vil.

The day of book-related activities included the ability to identify the masked reader as undercover teachers read stories and their listeners had to guess who was telling the stories.

Live national workshops were screened online throughout the day, along with pre-recorded special sessions for RAPS by authors and illustrators.

Teachers swapped classes to read their favorite books to different children, while classmates from different age groups paired up to share stories from the school library and book corners.

Parents were invited to the school hall for a magical reading by torchlight on comfortable cushions, poufs and sofas; and all pupils were given tokens to spend at national bookshops or the Moon Lane Bookshop in Ramsgate, Kent.

One of the toughest assignments saw students tasked with reading stories to their pets at home and reading in the most unusual places. Photographs were submitted with students Millie and Annie judging the winners.

The events were coordinated by Sophie Spurrier, Head of Studies for the Early Years Foundation, who said:

“Our goal is simple: to highlight the love of reading on a daily basis.

“It was also important that it was not just a one-time activity, but an ongoing celebration of the written and spoken word.”

The school believes that reading and storytelling is an important way to unleash a child’s imagination and organize reading sessions for fun throughout the year.


School Principal Nick Budge said:

“The use of language is central to our learning and our focus on reading and the joy it brings is a way of exploring so many different avenues for our children.

“Loving books and being thrilled to immerse themselves in an exciting story is every child’s right, and we nurture it from an early age.”

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