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Will emotional storytelling work for The Container Store? – RetailWire

February 25, 2022

The Container Store introduced a new logo, slogan – “Welcome to the Organization” – and brand campaign on Tuesday.

The new logo, the brand’s first redesign in its 44-year history, features three nested baskets positioned in the shape of a smile next to the company’s name. The look is designed to demonstrate that many customers believe The Container Store is their “happy place” as they seek to organize their lives.

The shopping cart icon should also help the brand translate better to smartphone screens with the arrival of The Container Store’s first mobile app in March. The retailer is also launching a new three-tier loyalty program.

The “Welcome to the Organization” slogan and campaign are designed to provide a more inviting and inclusive appeal to welcome new customers and more emotionally engage existing customers.

The update follows the brand’s shift in focus from last year to a more emotional one focused on transforming lives from its long-standing functional message. The old slogan, “Where does space come fromspoke about overcoming spatial challenges.

Melissa Collins, Director of Marketing, said advertising age, “We’ve moved to a more emotional reflection on what it means in a person’s life to be organized – The Container Store’s brand purpose exists to transform lives through the power of organization.”

“Our charge was to take The Container Store to a more emotional place,” added Greg Hunter, executive creative director, at Preacher, the Austin-based ad agency that helped guide the updated messaging, in one Press release. “By treating the organization like a club we can all join, not a chore we can often dread, Welcome to The Organization does just that.”

The retailer is also sponsoring its first TikTok challenge, #showusyourdrawers, in partnership with Drew Barrymore. Influencers such as The Home Edit, Marie Kondo and Cassandra Aarssen, who have exclusive lines at The Container Store, are also involved in the campaign.

The Container Store is making the campaign and brand updates at a time when its sales growth has slowed following robust sales during the pandemic, when landlords tackled real estate projects amid lockdowns.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Are The Container Store’s new logo and “Welcome to the Organization” tagline both a winner? Will emotional storytelling be more relevant than functional messaging for The Container Store?


“It’s long past time for storage companies to realize that appealing to our emotions is an incredibly relevant way to sell storage and organization solutions.”