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Valuing the Future of Storytelling, Autonomous Transportation Company Turns to CCS Students to Predict the History of the Future

Zoox Automotive, an Amazon subsidiary developing self-driving vehicles aimed at making safer, cleaner and more pleasant personal transportrecently traveled to the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit to host a sponsored studio class.

This course challenged transportation design undergraduates and color material design graduate students to think of car design as a story, not just a sketch or drawing. This led to students drawing inspiration from a wide range of things, and while some students were inspired by childhood memories, others were inspired by unlikely sources, such as the anatomy of a fish. -world.

“Students were designing vehicles based on a story that we [Zoox] develop, represent the relationships found in nature”, explains Nahuel Battaglia, chief industrial designer. “It was amazing to see what students came up with, and it was amazing to see vehicles developed for kids, especially after not seeing much of this in the industry.”

Students worked with Zoox representatives throughout the semester, including CCS graduate–Andrew Rudd (’17, Transportation Design), who has been an industrial designer at Zoox since 2019.

Rudd and his colleagues were impressed, inspired, and challenged by the final concepts students developed throughout the semester.

“You expect to come back and see students who really struggled to understand the dissertation or didn’t have enough time to achieve the outcome they wanted,” Rudd said. “But it was one of the first times, even during my time in school, where I saw a project that everyone had something stellar. I didn’t have to pretend and pretend that some thing was good. They impressed and inspired me, that’s why we [Zoox] Come here.”