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This ’90s kids’ show is actually a scary lesson in storytelling

As a child of the 90s, I watch Goose bumps and Are you scared of the dark? was part of everyday life. It was fun to be spooked by stories about everything from monsters and creatures to spooky apartments and librarians.

Now it’s nice and fun to revisit these two shows, but it’s also possible to break down each episode of Are you scared of the dark? and see how these stories have captivated fans and kept them coming back for more. Are you scared of the dark? takes a totally unique approach to telling scary stories, and people can appreciate a lot about this popular series, including its awesome storytelling.


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On children’s shows from the 90s, people are nostalgic, Are you scared of the dark? does a great job showing the art of storytelling. The very premise is about how people tell scary stories, not just the content of those stories themselves. Fans know and love The Midnight Society, the group of kids who make a fire in the woods and share terrifying stories about apartment buildings where ghosts live or aliens who run a boarding school. It’s interesting that the show decided to have this type of setup. Instead of being an anthology horror series with different stories in each episode, the series has characters introducing the tales and sitting around a campfire. It’s a deliberate choice that sets the show apart, and it’s one of the reasons people love it so much.

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Telling stories around a campfire is a tale as old as time. It is one of the most classic forms of storytelling and conjures up images of people living in caves and enjoying themselves. In a sense, Are you scared of the dark? proves Marshall McLuhan’s “the medium is the message” theory to be true. The fact that these characters tell stories around a campfire is what really makes this show special.

As it turns out, The twilight zone inspired Are you scared of the dark? Filmmakers and TV showrunners are always looking for new ways to tell stories and Are you scared of the dark? showed that it is possible to talk about a lot of different experiences, characters, settings, and scary situations in a single season of a TV show.

According to geek lair, creator Joel MacHale made sure the characters would say “subject to The Midnight Society’s approval” before telling their chilling story as that phrase was used in a few episodes of The twilight zone MacHale also spoke of drawing inspiration from this classic series: “Are you scared of the dark? stemmed more from the kind of creepy lore of the short story, which I would put blurred area in this category. i tried to find [different] types of stories, some more dramatic, some maybe romantic, some downright scary, some with vampires. Each season was designed to have a whole range of stories. And it’s straight out of the blurred area. They always made you think a bit, and there’s always a bit of a twist, and it was more unsettling and weird than scary.

Are you scared of the dark?  episode

Are you scared of the dark? has some scary episodes and it’s possible to feel scared by what these characters are going through. Although each episode has characters who understand what’s going on and fight back, some episodes are particularly good. Where the show excels is because the scary stories take a regular, familiar situation and amplify it.

The Season 4 episode “The Tale of the Quiet Librarian” has a great story that backs up its perfect name. What if a librarian got tired of hearing noise and really wanted to keep the place as quiet as possible? Everyone knows they should try whispering in this environment, and this episode takes it a step further. Kiki (Jodie Resther) shares the story of a group of kids who realize something weird is going on in their library. The characters see the Silent Librarian, a horrible spirit who gets angry at noises and will put anyone or anything that makes noise in a box. The ending is satisfying as the kids save everyone who was put in the box and they can go home, and the memory of that creepy librarian ghost lives on.

the Are you scared of the dark? the reboot, which has had two seasons so far, has done a smart job with spooky storytelling. Season 1 is titled “Carnival of Doom” and tells the story of Rachel (Lyliana Wray) who is part of The Midnight Society and discovers an incredibly dangerous spooky carnival. Season 2 is called “Curse of the Shadows” and centers on a group of friends who come to terms with a terrifying legend when one of them goes missing. Instead of being a horror anthology, these two seasons tell a longer story but still feature the same spooky tone and great characters who are good friends and investigate what’s going on.

Everyone who grew up watching Are you scared of the dark? remembers it well, and the show’s approach to storytelling is really interesting.

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