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The Sandbar Storytelling Festival has a successful inaugural weekend

The first Sandbar Storytelling Festival has passed, but it will always be a success story to tell.

“We were absolutely thrilled with how it all turned out,” Sandbar Storytelling Festival board member Jerome Christenson said of last weekend’s event.

He said while organizers were pleased with how the weekend went, attendees were also thrilled with their experience.

Attendance met the expectations set for the first year, as Christenson explained that they weren’t expecting too many as many people in the community didn’t yet know what a storytelling festival was.

But now that this one has taken place locally, more people in the community can look forward to the second Sandbar Storytelling Festival next year with a better understanding of what’s to come.

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“I think we are in a good position for another festival. Everything went well,” said Christenson. “It was great.”

Christenson shared that one of her favorite parts of this year’s festival was the workshops held at local cafes.

He loved seeing people become totally engaged and captivated by the storyteller’s advice and messages.

Christenson said it “really shows how powerful speech can be.”

The storytellers not only hung out in cafes when they weren’t presenting, they also stopped by local schools on Thursday and Friday to chat with students.

“They connected really well with the kids,” Christenson said.

This year’s festival featured presenters Bil Lepp, Carolina Quiroga-Stultz, Reverend Robert Jones, Sr., Alton Takiyama-Chung and Regi Carpenter.

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