Storytelling school

The Foundation program organizes the World Storytelling Day event

Officials from the Qatar-Finland International School during the event.

Doha: Sixteen male Basic Program (FP) students at the General Studies Dean of Qatar University (QU) enrolled in English for the Communications II course visited the Qatar-Finland International School (QFI) to share Qatari folk tales through the English language.

The event organizer, QFI Librarian Holly Crewe, arranged for Core Curriculum students to present stories to 450 children in 20 K-5 classrooms.

Student volunteers from the Foundation program told stories focusing on Qatari culture and Islamic values ​​from a collection of folk tales written by students from the Foundation program (Tales of Qatari Heritage).

Foundation Program students prepared for two weeks prior to the event under the guidance of Mr. Jeffrey Maggard, Lecturer in the Foundation Program English Department and Project Manager (Tales of Qatari Heritage). They have benefited from it in many ways. Not only did the practice improve their English pronunciation, intonation, and reading skills, but it also helped them become more confident in using English for authentic communication.

Mohammad Kadkhododaei, a student at the College of Business, said: “It was the first time in my life that I told a story to children. It was amazing and most of them liked the story. I learned to tell a story without boring the listener. Now I feel confident to tell stories to any group. I want to go back and start over.

Yousef Al Naggar said, “As a College of Education student, the event helped me gain confidence to teach students in the future. Also, I was able to overcome my fear of speaking with a group of people. Seeing children enjoy our stories has also encouraged me to read more and organize events like this to enlighten children about local culture and do something good for the next generation.

The children of the Qatar-Finland International School, representing 62 nationalities, were delighted to receive their special guests. Sammy Cox, 10, exclaimed: “Qatari culture is very interesting! His classmate, Bilal Hassen, added: “The Sheikh in the story was so smart! The two pupils, from class 5A, listened to the story “The tail of the donkey”.

“Hearing stories from Qatar’s rich tradition of oral storytelling has been a very special experience for our students,” said Nikke Keskinen, General Manager and Principal of the QFI School. “It gave our Qatari students a chance to feel proud of their cultural heritage, and our non-Qatari students a better understanding of the traditions and values ​​of their friends and classmates.”

As well as providing a mutually enriching experience for both groups of students involved, events like these have the added benefit of preserving and passing on Qatar’s unique folklore, ensuring that these tales will endure for generations to come.