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Yoshi Sudarso is a Los Angeles-based actor who moved to Southern California from Indonesia when he was young. He and his brother, Peter Adrian Sudarso, developed a fanbase on social media through various means, including becoming the Blue Power Ranger in the long-running TV series, Power Rangers, over different seasons. Sudarso has worked on several well-known movies and TV shows, including Project Power, The maze Runner, Shield Agentsetc He started his film career in Indonesia as Suwo, the lead of Buffalo Boysa spaghetti western set in the East, Singapore’s 2018 Oscar entry. Yoshi Sudarso sat down with Forbes to talk about his professional journey through acting and entertainment.

Goldie Chan: Yoshi – thanks for talking to us, what has your professional background been like so far?

Yoshi Sudarso: I’ve been through a lot of different levels in the entertainment industry. I was in college majoring in math when a friend asked me to do background/extra work for film and TV. I had done a little theater, but I had no interest/desire to become an actor. On the contrary, it was never even in my peripherals, but when I stepped on set that first day, the fire inside me grew. I knew then that what I wanted was to act, to be on the set and to create. I’ve worked in theme parks and done live shows, so even for my day job, I’d still be honing my acting skills.

My brother, Peter Sudarso, and I turned to social media to create content and grew an audience in the process. I did everything, everything I could land, just to gain experience on set and learn from the experts. I quickly realized that there was so much more to play and at that time I was not what they were looking for. I did stunts because I had those tumbling skills from my cheerleading days. I learned so much doing this for many years, but I knew my real passion was acting, so I continued to pursue that on the side. Until I was finally able to walk away from the waterfalls completely. It was not easy to give it up, because it was comfortable, and I knew how to find myself there, I had so many friends in this community, etc. But ultimately it wasn’t what I really wanted, luckily I was rewarded, having booked so many amazing roles since then. I was even able to return to my home country of Indonesia to act in films there, further expanding my skills and knowledge. This is just the beginning.

Song: What do you think is your favorite project you’ve worked on?

Sudarso: Each project is special to me in different ways, I try to learn at least one thing from each. To save time, I will discuss only three of these projects. Power Rangers: Dino Charge was the first major acting role I landed, a series regular, and being a huge fan of the original series, it was a huge deal for me. I learned so much in this job and made lifelong friends, it was also the job that catapulted my acting career. Buffalo Boys was the first movie I did in Indonesia and my first leading role in a movie.

It brought me back to a country of origin that was foreign to me, made me relearn a language and a culture that I thought I knew but knew nothing about. escape from love This is my first leading role in an American film and the first time in an American production that I play an Indonesian American character. The beauty of this project is that my character, David, It just happens to be an Indonesian American in the story, it’s not part of the story. As much as I love Asian American stories, we need stories that don’t explain too much about WHY a character is Asian, they just are.

Song: And while we’re not trying to narrowly categorize you, how would you describe your personal brand?

Sudarso: Handyman. Cheerleader. Martial artist. Aptitude. Geeky culture. Content creator. Circus artist. Husband. Dad. Actor.

Song: What are you currently working on?

Sudarso: I just finished a role in a Netflix show, a movie we shot in Budapest last year will be released on Netflix on October 25th, Blade of the 47 Ronin, and my love movie, escape from love, set to air later this year. But honestly, right now, I’m working to be the best dad to my son, Sylas. I want him to be happy and to know that he can always count on me.

Song: What is the dream project you would like to work on?

Sudarso: This one is difficult because it’s an ever-evolving answer, so my response to this has always been “next”, the next project is my dream project. But after having had so many different types of projects, one thing seems clear to me. I want to work with good people, because you spend LONG hours with these people, you have to be able to call them family.

Song: What is a story that has marked you?

Sudarso: Bryan Cranston’s story about auditions has had me auditioning a lot lately. The way he sees it has helped me gain a new perspective on something I’m absolutely obsessed with. It helped ease some of that mental burden. I hope it will do the same for my career as for his!

Song: Any final branding or career advice?

Sudarso: Find what you love to do and keep doing it, a career in the entertainment industry is so fickle, if you don’t love it deep down inside, it won’t be worth it and you’ll burn out. Take care of yourself, and prioritize your health, both physical and mental.