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Thanks from the organizers of the Flatwater Tales Storytelling Festival

For the editor:

The Flatwater Tales Storytelling Festival, held live at the Historic Grove Theater June 3-4, has many people to thank.

We are especially grateful to the three Rotary clubs of Oak Ridge for sponsoring the Festival, and we thank the dozens of volunteers, many of them Rotarians, who make it possible. Our large committee of volunteers accompanies you throughout the year.

We know you can’t have a storytelling festival without an audience, and we appreciate everyone in attendance from our community, surrounding communities, and out of state. Due to COVID, we had to cancel the Festival in 2020 and hold a Virtual Festival in 2021. We had no idea how live we could get back, and thank you for participating in 2022.

We are grateful for the vision of Charles Crowe to have nationally acclaimed storyteller, Sheila Arnold, write and tell the story of “The Secret City’s Secret City: Scarboro”. She wove the story of the Scarboro 85, those brave young people who desegregated the schools of Oak Ridge in 1955, to help us begin with an emotional and powerful Friday night.

We would especially like to thank Consolidated Nuclear Security at the Y-12 National Security Complex for being the presenting sponsor of the festival.

We are grateful to Pinnacle Bank for funding Ms. Sheila’s Friday night performance, as she is known on the national storytelling circuit. We are so happy that some members of Scarboro 85 and their families were able to be there.

In addition to Ms. Sheila, Bil Lepp and Kim Weitkamp, ​​two other of our country’s foremost storytellers, gave us three wonderful sessions on Saturday.

On Friday, Ray Smith hosted a fascinating historical tour of our city for hometown residents and storytelling visitors.

Michelle Bradley Campanis and Vince Staten were our engaging emcees, Carolyn Krause had amazing follow-up stories in The Oak Ridger, Ben Pounds gave us an inside story about Sheila, Jason Herrera gave us lights and sound, ProMotion provided provided professional video services for Sheila’s presentation, Carolyn and Mike Slay provided still photography, and Laura Hammons led our lessons learned follow-up.

Our other sponsors who have helped make it all possible are Pat Postma (Legends); Martha and David Hobson, Emily and Charlie Jernigan, Kay and Bill Whitman (Tall Tales); Amy and Nathan Fields, Melanie and Vince Staten of Staten Communications, Ink (Yarns); Bridgewater Hearing and Balance, Chuck’s Car Care, Jan and Stu Elston, TNBank, the UT Arboretum (Vignette); Erin and Patrick Block, Michelle Bradley Campanis, Berta Swain (Anecdotes).

And thanks to Barbara Ferrell of The Ferrell Shop for her help with ticket sales. She supports so many organizations with her time, and we’re glad she gives so freely to Flatwater Tales.

We are already working on ideas for next year. See you the first weekend of June 2023.

Flatwater Tales, Executive Committee

Emily Jernigan, President

Martha Moore Hobson, Vice President

Pat Postma, Secretary

Charlie Jernigan, Treasurer

Lydia Birk, Operations

Charles Crowe, special events

David O. Hobson, At Large