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Telling life’s lessons through storytelling

Writers and poets have an exceptional talent for describing incomprehensible emotions, be they feelings of love, hope, desires, helplessness, in perfect and coherent words. It is a sense of relief to see this complex knot unraveled with a few words on paper, or even through spoken words. Writers and poets, and their work, are our driving force in our lives. In times of relaxation and desire for companionship, a book, or spoken ghazals and poems, become our recluse. Here we have beautiful, thought-provoking and absolutely gratifying stand-up shows, each with a unique story, each about a part of our lives.

Woh Keh Na Saka – Mehak Mirza Prabhu

Mehak Mirza Prabhu puts on a captivating performance with her exceptionally sweet and joyful tale. A unique artist, she plays several roles in this same performance, and what delivery, what weaving of the story, and what presentation! Her grace and poise never left her, and she made her audience swoon, excite, anticipate and laugh all at once. The story is written by Mehak Mirza Prabhu, and its narration is gripping and will grab you right away. Who doesn’t get excited listening to a sweet, shy love story? As an icing on the cake, Mehak ends her standing performance by singing a lovely ghazal.

Credits: YouTube UnErase Poetry

Harkat Nahin – Spruha Joshi

Spruha Joshi delivers a provocative and wonderful piece in Malayalam. This short poem is about growth, differences and love. As people, we are always changing, adapting, learning and acquiring new skills. We are bound to change and grow, and while some see it in negative connotations, such as the most heard statement, “you are not the same”, it is often forgotten that growth is not necessarily about changing, but to become a better version of ourselves. Spruha Joshi, through her poem, talks about how love can still blossom in these times of growth and difference.

Credits: YouTube Kommune India

Lifaafa – Shilpa Varma

Lifaafa by Shilpa Varma is an honest and revealing story of a woman. Shilpa Varma, through her story, represents all those women who strive to achieve their dreams, but find themselves bound by the shackles of duties, commitments and, well, the duties of being a woman. Shilpa Varma talks about her desire to pursue her higher education, but what about her duties as a housewife? One of the most compelling lines she says is, “Mansi Mishra. Lifaafe pe yeh naam padhkr kitna acha laga…. is by Monty Guddu ki Mummy ya fir Mrs. Mishra Nahi Likha Hai. Mera Pura naam likha hai. Mansi Mishra. The women somehow got lost in the household chores, playing the role of a mother and a wife, and through this stand-up spectacle, Shilpa Varma opens our eyes.

Credits: YouTube Spill Poetry

Woh Akhri Khat – Krishna Singh and Rakesh Tiwari

Krishna Singh and Rakesh Tiwari have a nice way with words. Presented as a series, titled “Alvida”, “Woh Akhri Khat” is the latest installment in the series. Krishna Singh and Rakesh Tiwari immerse each other in character and deliver a stand-up performance on a love story and the harsh realities of it. A love, even honest, cannot last long. Krishna and Rakesh both find the right words to explain the painful feelings, the acceptance of them and the continuation of life, in spite of everything.

Credits: YouTube Half Baked Tales