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Following the stories of an incarcerated young man, “The School-Prison Trust” examines the characteristics of school-prison relationships for Indigenous youth to ask pressing questions about Indigenous sovereignty, conquest, survival and denial. Jeremiah Chin, one of the authors puts this in a historical context.

A Lakota and Cheyenne citizen, Scotti Clifford is a rock ‘n’ roll artist from the South Dakota Badlands. His band, Scotti Clifford and Spirits Cry, includes his son, Welby June, and daughter, Wahpe Louella.

Tim Giago has died aged 88. He founded the Lakota Times, which later became Indian Country Today, and now ICT. Giago was a fearless advocate for the Lakota people and native journalists. ICT’s Shirley Sneve interviewed him a year ago.

A Slice of Our Indigenous World

  • In Massachusetts, President Joe Biden announced his administration’s climate strategies. Calling climate change “a clear and present danger” to the nation, Biden says he will tackle the climate emergency in the coming weeks.

  • The Ottawa Indigenous Coalition says it is excluded from talks on a new hospital. The group says it has a complaint about the location of the $3 billion facility. Reporting by APTN’s Fraser Needham.

  • Another Aboriginal athlete won a World Championship medal. Bekah Howe, a citizen of Crow Creek, is the first American athlete to win a medal in the sport of bocce. The outdoor game is played by two opposing teams trying to throw balls as close to a small wooden sphere as possible.

  • The Gallup Intertribal Ceremony, one of New Mexico’s oldest historical events, celebrates its 100th anniversary, August 4-14.

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