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Stylist Nidhi Jacob explains how visual storytelling helps her embrace her authentic self

A stylist with a journalistic streak, Nidhi Jacob spent almost 8 years as a fashion editor for Indian editions of titles such as Grazia, Marie Claire and Elle. As she navigated the fashion landscape, she worked in a variety of mediums including print, video, film, advertising and editorial, and found the opportunity to connect with real people. to tell their incredibly inspiring stories. Today, she’s a freelance stylist and consultant who finds inspiration in the simplicity of everyday objects, and can often be found on our Instagram feeds with her impeccable style and unique ways of expression.

You’d expect someone with years of experience in the magazine circuit to prefer to write down their thoughts, but when it comes to Nidhi, visual storytelling allows her to really capture her emotions. “A single image can move me to tears or elation, and its impact is more visceral and it’s a powerful way to express when words fail,” she says.

How would you describe your creative process?

I would say that I trust my instincts, explore my emotional pulls to certain topics and stories, and then organize all of my thoughts and feelings into a tangible outcome. It took me a while, but I finally decoded the method to my madness.

What is the story you like to tell when you find yourself in front of the camera?

I’ve spent over a decade documenting my personal style and my life in front of the camera and in a way it’s my creative escape. Whenever I’m in front of the camera, I find I have the power to let my individuality shine through. The words I would use to describe myself? Well, a quiet solitude, a gentle pace and a bit of a wizardry.

How was your experience filming with the Samsung Galaxy S22?

It was seamless and fascinating to see the same colors come to life in a refreshing new light at night. While I enjoyed all the video features, the pro video mode and slow motion feature were the most impressive, and it was easy to switch between different shooting modes to explore lots of ideas at once.

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