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Special online course in Digital Storytelling for Latinx Journalists attracts students from across the United States and is now available as a self-directed course

More than 250 students from Latinx colleges and universities across the United States have enrolled in a free online course from Knight Center to help them grow as digital storytellers.

“Digital Storytelling for the Next Generation of Latinx Journalists,” a free online course offered in collaboration with Microsoft, ran from June 20 to July 17, 2022. It was taught by Amara Aguilar, designer, visual journalist, journalist, social media engagement producer and consultant.

It is now available as a self-directed course and accessible anytime, from anywhere, on

In the course, students learn about branding and explore identity, learn how to use TikTok and social media to tell their own stories, discuss the challenges faced by Latinx students and journalists, and hear professionals speak of their own career and personal journey.

Guest speakers include Rolling Stones journalist Tomas MierVox audience engagement editor Gaby Fernandez and Cynthia Reynaud of Microsoft. Module 4 features interviews with Astrid Kayembe report for America, and Eric Resendiz from ABC7. There is also an interview with Lorena Bouvedaire of the Huffington Post and Erick Galindo of KPCC and LAist. And finally, there is a discussion on the future of journalism with Fernando Hurtado of the BNC and Ashley Alvarado of KPCC and LAist.

“The interviews were amazing! I felt inspired hearing about different trips and experiences,” said one student during the final course evaluation.

Another student said his favorite part of the course was “getting to know Latinx journalists who have gone through similar difficult experiences to make it a very competitive industry where Latinx representation is still lacking.”

Others were inspired by course materials on TikTok.

“I was thinking of using TikTok, but I didn’t know I had so many things to report. It was good explanations, well supported.”

The self-directed version of the course, which is now available, is made up of four modules that include video lessons, readings and optional resources. Unlike the MOOC, it does not include discussion forums or quizzes.

Take advantage of this great resource and opportunity to develop your digital storytelling skills and explore your own identity and brand. Check out the self-directed course today!