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Sound Advice: Faye Webster to Add Intimate Narrative to Haim’s Cincinnati Show | Music function | Cincinnati

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Photo: Pooneh Ghana

Faye Webster

There is a particular rhythm in the voice of Faye Webster. The Atlanta singer/songwriter conveys a lot without forcing, a laid-back approach that infuses her first-person stories with a unique intimacy, as if she’s whispering directly into your ear.

Now 24, Webster has been writing songs since she was 14, the result of a musical childhood – her grandfather was a Bluegrass guitarist, her mother was a guitarist and violinist and her older brother was in rock bands. . Webster self-released a debut album dubbed Run and tell at 16 and followed it with the eponymous effort Faye Webster in 2017. But it is only in 2019 Atlanta Millionaires Club that she’s become hers – 10 songs in 32 minutes, each track laced with a wry sense of humor, her modestly touching vocals and deceptively simple jazz-inspired folk pop arrangements.

Last years I know I’m funny Haha it’s even better. His introspective songs reveal multitudes through simple language and languid music anchored by acoustic and electric guitars and spare percussion, with the occasional flourish of strings, horns and keyboards.

Webster’s new EP, Automotive Therapy Sessionsreleased on April 29, dives headlong into new sonic territory, each of its five songs backed by a 24-piece orchestra.

“The recording experience was wonderful, I was really fighting back tears,” Webster said in a press release. “I think I even cried listening to the demos. I was put in a position where I could see the conductor as well as the producer, which I needed because I honestly couldn’t pick up my signals sometimes even though I was writing the songs. I was so distracted by the beauty of the orchestra that I sometimes forgot to sing.

Webster’s rising profile gets another boost during the tour’s opening act with Haim, the Los Angeles-based sister band (Este, Danielle and Alana Haim) whose own musical trajectory continues to evolve. . The performers will be in Cincinnati on May 19 at the Andrew J. Brady Music Center.

The show starts at 7:30 p.m.; doors open at 6 p.m. Tickets start at $45. More info:

Below, watch Webster perform “Car Therapy.”

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