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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ditch linear storytelling entirely

You’ll have three different stories to play through when Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release later this year.

Upcoming Pokemon games were the focus of the latest Pokemon Presents stream, with a host of new details revealed to guide everyone to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s release date. One of the most notable reveals revolves around the proposed stories.

We know Pokemon Scarlet and Violet take a more flexible approach to the story, with map exploration being fully open rather than linear. It looks like the story also plays out by the same rules, as you’ll have three paths to discover as you wish.

The gist of the overall Pokemon Scarlet and Violet narrative is that you are a student who has just enrolled in a new school. You’ll go to class, be led by your teachers, and eventually go on a scavenger hunt and research. Once you’re in the wild, however, things seem to open up.

The Pokemon Company confirms that one of the three stories is a traditional affair that sees you tackle Gyms for badges before facing a gauntlet of endgame trainers, though the other two stories remain a mystery. for the moment.

Elsewhere, we learned that the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet region is called Paldea, and yes, the hints of Spanish influence are stronger than ever.

We’ve also seen a handful of Pokemon that you’ll come across. You’ve got old favorites like Growlithe, regional exclusives on old favorites like Wooper and new pocket friends like the lovable Fidough – move on to Lechonk. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Terastallize mechanic gives all Pokemon Paldea new forms to collect and also use in battle.

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