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Paving the way to more inclusive storytelling: an update on our progress

Renewing and expanding our commitments

Leading this research, we aim to build on our legacy of working to advance diversity, equity and inclusion, including the commitments we have made as a company historically, and more recently in Content for Change framework. Rooted in the three pillars of Content for Change – Content, Creative Supply Chain and Culture, here’s a look at what we’ve been working on and what’s on the horizon:

1) In CONTENT, we will continue to evolve and transform the types of stories we tell by expanding our base of rigorous research and data, and the results of that analysis, over the next 12 months.

Specifically, Paramount will expand our data analytics infrastructure in partnership with our production teams by creating a new enterprise-wide technology solution to track our talent and pipeline demographics in front of and behind the camera. . This builds on the strong work our UK team has done with Project Diamond, which has led to their No Diversity, No Commission commitment, and extended to our international footprint in 2020. This is necessary to establish a unified methodology and standardized by which the production of DEI data is reported across the organization.

The first 6 months of data will be captured and analyzed by the end of the year and will serve first as a baseline and then as a means to help us stay accountable to a set of metrics that demonstrate our progress in this area. This tool will be adopted and leveraged across the entire portfolio of studios and will help us to more accurately identify priorities, identify content opportunities and shape the direction of our supply chain work going forward. Most importantly, it will lead to informed, data-driven engagements that will help increase representation and more accurate representations of BIPOC and underrepresented groups in our content.

Second, we are committed to commissioning 8 new outlook studies in 2022 and 2023, including a follow-up study with Annenberg, and the groundbreaking work with BET and Stanford that will provide insight into the representation and representations industry in the contents. These studies will be invaluable tools as we strive to better understand the needs and wants of BIPOC audiences and how we and the industry create the content they consume.

Together, these commitments demonstrate our continued commitment to elevating inclusive stories and strategically integrating this work into our growing streaming platforms, with a view to creating meaningful and visible storylines for BIPOC characters, now and in the long term.

2) Through our CREATIVE SUPPLY CHAIN, we will continue to transform our content creation process to help ensure fairness at every stage, from talent to production to our newsroom. Building on longstanding efforts by brands and studios to expand our creative talent pool with programs such as the ViewFinder Emerging Directors Program, Directing Initiative, Writers Mentoring Program, First Time Directors and SHOWCASE, Paramount will expand our Content for Change Academy.

In partnership with Reel Works, CFC Academy offers emerging storytellers from underrepresented communities paid experience in entry-level creative and production roles, without the need to attend traditional four-year colleges or universities. . In addition to New York, the program will expand this fall to support talent in Los Angeles and the UK.