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New Horizons” has better storytelling in season 3 compared to previous seasons

As streaming services like netflix, Huluand Peacock continue to take over, more popular TV shows are dropping cable.

Take, The Kardashians, Dancing with the starsor even The Orville: new horizons for example. For two seasons, the sci-fi comedy-drama series aired on FOX, but after the last episode of season two in 2019, its home base changed platforms.

“…being on Hulu gives us the opportunity to make mini-movies,” Anne Winters told Celeb Secrets reporter Blakely McHugh at Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con Bash in San Diego last month.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Bash 2022

It is well known that programs produced for cable television must respect many constraints. There’s a specific time slot that needs to be filled, ads need to be counted, writers need to keep in mind what you can and can’t say on a network broadcast, among many others.

All of this results in either a reduction in content or a change in the way the story was originally intended to be told.

“The biggest difference for me being on Hulu is that I don’t have to tell a story that’s exactly 43 minutes long every week because I have to make room for a number of commercials.” Seth McFarlanesaid the producer of the hit sci-fi series The Hollywood Reporter last month.

“That’s not how storytelling works – different stories have different lengths, and you start falling into this cadence where you’re shaving scenes, you’re cutting things that don’t need to be cut.”

He went on to share that his favorite part of being on Hulu is the times you can linger on an actor’s face. He says that by doing this, you can create more impact, which he otherwise couldn’t do on cable TV.

It looks like the series creator is taking that liberty and running with it. Episode 8 of season 3 lasts 1h26.

“They don’t have to cut out things that you don’t really realize are really important to a storyline, but are until you see them all together,” Winters, 28, said.

This is the actress’ first season on The Orville: new horizons and the first time she undertook a role in the science fiction genre. She has already starred in Netflix 13 reasons why and evening school.

“I’m just looking for anything that’s really hard,” she explained of her new role. “As an actor, I wanted to jump in and see what happened. I wanted to work with Seth McFarlane, I felt like everything was on a different level.

She says that ever since they joined the cast, they have been nothing but welcoming to her. Spending a lot of time together, she shares that there’s “a lot of personality” and it’s a different experience than she’s ever had on set.

The Orville: New Horizons – “Electric Sheep” – Episode 301 – Orville’s team deals with the interpersonal aftermath of the battle against the Kaylons in the season three premiere of “The Orville: New Horizons.” Charly Burke (Anne Winters) and Isaac (Mark Jackson), pictured. (Photo by: Michael Desmond/Hulu)

Starting August 10, fans and new audiences of The Orville will now have the opportunity to watch the series on Hulu and Disney+ in the WE. The streaming giant revealed the news during San Diego Comic-Con in July.

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