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Lehi Historical Society and Archives: Scaddens praised for fabulous histories, library programs and BSA service

Editor’s Note: The Lehi Historical Society and Archives is proud to present the stories of its 2022 Lehi Heritage Day winners. Duane and Linda’s Story Scadden is the sixth of nine articles featuring this year’s winners. Each couple will be celebrated on Lehi Heritage Day on September 5, beginning at 2:30 p.m., with a parade, celebration with the mayor, city council and the public, and a meet and greet. Free city-sponsored event honors those who have done great service to Lehi andhonors the remarkable story of Lehi. This year’s theme is “100 Years of Lehi’s Fine Homes”. For more information on Lehi Heritage Day or the Classic Car and Bike Show, visit

The Story Lady of the Lehi Library, Linda Scadden, blessed the lives of Lehi children for 18 years and established programs that will positively impact our children for years to come.

Have you ever heard the saying “The best is yet to come”? This proved true in Linda’s life. In 2004, Linda applied and went to work at Lehi City Library. As “Library Story Lady”, she spent 18 years reading stories and loving children in our community. She says it’s “the best job of all.”

Recently retired, Linda says she loves seeing and hearing the joy and laughter of children as they discover the fun parts of a story, as well as getting to know all the secrets of their childhood, like who has an “owie “, a lost tooth or a new My Little Pony or Baby Shark Underwear.

As Lehi grew, the demand for library programs also increased, and over time, Linda became the library’s programming manager. With the help of staff, she has worked to add more variety to her programs, including Science Club, Crafty Club, Wiggle Worms, Kiddie Craft, After School Art, Teen Scene, puppet shows and more.


Linda has spent countless hours writing puppet shows, building the library puppet theater, and making props and puppets. She always went the extra mile and put her heart and soul into everything she did. In her tales, she was known to wear fun hats and costumes and use fun props, like a large canoe that children could sit in.

Linda also had a passion for the Library Science Club, teaching classes with titles like Dissecting Cow Eyes, Baking Soda Experiments, Walking on Eggs, Extracting DNA from Strawberries, and How Hydraulics Work.

It is almost impossible to list all the many things Linda did to enrich the lives of Lehi’s children. Many grew up with Miss Linda, and she played an important role in their lives.

Duane Scadden is honored and appreciated for sharing his wife with the library and community and for his many services to the Boy Scouts of America organization. Duane was a scoutmaster for many years and a member of the district committee, planning summer camporee and winter Klondike. He received the second Miler Prize. The Scadden family has always joked that when Duane dies they will bury him in his boy scout uniform with a dutch oven by his side.

Duane is the fourth of five children born to Dean and Phyllis Scadden of Ogden. In his youth, he enjoyed hunting, fishing and sports. He played football in high school and sang in the choir. His summers were spent in Jackson Hole, WY as a BSA river guide on the Snake River. He served a full-time mission in Australia for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Upon his return, he attended BYU. During this time he met and dated Linda. Duane wanted a girlfriend and Linda wanted a husband, so they compromised and were married on November 20, 1976.


Linda is the eldest of seven children born to Walter and Jane Everton of Evanston, WY. She lived her first 12 years in Ogden. She enjoyed reading, the choir, home economics, and gardening with her father. In the summer of 1976 Linda attended the Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra, NY. This three-week mini mission for the LDS Church remains one of the highlights of his life.

The Scaddens moved to the wonderful little town of Lehi and one of the first homes built behind Meadow Elementary in 1981. They have five children and 15 grandchildren.