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Knott’s Berry Farm adds more narrative twists to new Ghost Town Alive – Orange County Register

Citizens of Calico have formed a Society of Paranormal Investigators to investigate reports of ghost sightings in a new self-referential meta-story set this summer at Knott’s Berry Farm as part of an improv theater experience. a day.

A new interactive Wild West, Choose Your Own Adventure experience, which allows Knott’s Berry Farm visitors to drive, switch and participate in an ever-changing storyline, has returned to Buena Park theme park.

This summer’s version of Ghost Town Alive adds to the storytelling twists with the new stage show “Miss Cameo Kate’s Western Burle-Q Revue” at the Bird Cage Theater featuring a traveling troupe of singers, dancers and musicians who propel the story forward. of Ghost Town Alive Forward.

Ghost Town Alive and “Miss Cameo Kate’s Western Burle-Q Revue” debuted this weekend as part of Knott’s summer lineup through September 5.

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Ghost Town Alive injects Old West characters and improv stories into Calico Ghost Town, the original heart of the theme park that has grown to include a saloon, blacksmith shop, schoolhouse, train depot and a stagecoach stop.

Ghost Town Alive, which debuted in 2016, returns to Knott’s after a two-year pandemic hiatus. In this year’s iteration of Ghost Town Alive, the citizens of Calico Ghost Town don’t yet realize they’re surrounded by ghosts, but they’re about to find out.

The interactive and immersive story of Ghost Town Alive will unfold daily throughout the summer in the ghost town of Knott’s Calico, the oldest area of ​​the park. The Calico Gazette newspaper follows the city’s daily happenings – from the annual Founders’ Day celebration to the theft of a treasure map to sightings of spectral spirits. Chaos inevitably ensues as each day’s events unfold – made more complicated by an ongoing feud in the city between rival outlaw gangs the Mayfields and the Mad Bucks.

About two dozen characters in 1850s Wild West period costumes interact with Knott’s visitors and assign them tasks to complete throughout the ghost town of Calico. Visitors take an active role in shaping daily events and advancing the overarching story that unfolds throughout the day.

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There are never two daily story arcs in the live action role-playing adventure that are identical. Visitors can choose to pledge their allegiance to Mayfield’s notorious bandit gang or help save the day with a brave band of cowboys.

Calico Ghost Town hangouts have been turned into working establishments and are open to visitors who wish to enter. Stop by the barber shop to catch up on the gossip of the town. Or head to the sheriff’s office for a twisted game of cards. But beware: your face could end up on a wanted poster.

The interactive improv game allows hardcore players to extract inner city secrets from the cast and unlock “easter eggs” that unlock new storylines in the ongoing and ever-evolving tale.

The new stage show “Miss Cameo Kate’s Western Burle-Q Revue” at the Bird Cage Theater adds to the ongoing storytelling during Ghost Town Alive. Set in Calico, the Western-themed show features song-and-dance routines that expand on the tales and gossip of the town.

Each day’s storyline culminates in a dance party with applause and stomping around 6 p.m. in Calico Park. A square dance caller hosts rides and dosidos that pair the cast of Calico locals with Knott’s visitors. The day’s storytelling events come to an end on stage. On Saturday, there was a marriage proposal (she said no) and a special election for mayor (won by a young visitor from Knott named Emily).

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The ghost town of Knott dates back to 1940, when Walter Knott moved the Gold Trails Hotel from Prescott, Arizona to his farmhouse in Buena Park in hopes of entertaining customers who waited hours for his restaurant’s chicken restaurant. wife Cordelia.

Over time, Knott expanded the hotel’s popularity with additional buildings from deserted ghost towns. In 1951, he purchased and restored the ghost town of Calico in San Bernardino County and adopted the name and aesthetic of the deserted mining town for his burgeoning theme park. He closed the park in 1968 and instituted a $1 entrance fee.