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Havant Rotary Club helps young people discover the wonder of storytelling with a literacy project

Members of the Havant Rotary Club set up the project in response to the pandemic to help children access books when they are not in school.

Providing books to children aged 4 to 11, the Havant Rotary Club Reading Project started in 2021 with two schools and now has three participants: Trosnant, Warren Park and Front Lawn.

Shelagh Moore, past president of Havant Rotary, has a keen interest in literacy as a writer and educator.

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Havant students already benefit from the Havant Rotary Club Reading Project.

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She said: “Reading is the gateway to learning for all of us in a modern society.”

Books were collected from publishers as well as charity shops and donations from local groups and authors.

Boxes of books were delivered to participating schools and by Christmas last year the project was receiving positive feedback.

Shelagh said: “Schools had selected their pupils who would benefit most from additional access to books.

“We made sure our underprivileged children were chosen and they were so good at borrowing the books and coming back to tell me what they liked. ‘

In one of the schools, two students formed their own book club to share and exchange their reading material.

Shelagh says the project has received “positive” responses from schools and adds: “While it is too early to assess the project’s impact on children’s interest in reading, early signs are promising. .

“Kids say they love coming to pick up a book and they love the selection on offer.”