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Endgame Director Says Video Games Are The Future Of Storytelling

Joe Russo, one of the directors of Avengers: Endgamesaid at a recent conference that gaming will be the future of entertainment.

Russo recently spoke with Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard at an event for the 2022 DICE Summit. of the universe,” Russo and Mustard looked at the impact that future technology will have on media and storytelling. Russo believes video games will be the future of entertainment, stating, “I think the revolution is coming from the gaming side because that’s where the technology is.”

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“The future is going to be virtual,” he added, noting that the future of Meta (formerly Facebook)’s metaverse depends on which companies lead development while admitting he’s skeptical of Meta’s ability to to the job. Instead, Russo thinks game companies are better suited to fully realize the Metaverse. “It’s a game company in my opinion that will be the most powerful entertainment company in the world,” he explained, adding that storytelling is key to creating an immersive metaverse. Game companies, in his view, have the necessary experience with storytelling and technology to create an immersive virtual world.

In a separate chat with VentureBeat, Russo explained his move away from filmmaking — an industry in which he thinks there’s little innovation. “It’s so predictable,” he said. “I don’t care if it’s an art film or a commercial film. They have the same level of predictability. Russo wants to innovate new forms of storytelling, but finds that movie studios are unwilling to invest in the necessary technology. In the gaming world, Russo has found people like Mustard who share his vision for the future of entertainment.

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Russo’s thoughts on the future of entertainment and criticism of the film industry are remarkable given his success as a director. Along with his brother Anthony, Joe was part of the directing duo that made Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War. The Russo Brothers also directed Emmy-winning episodes of Development stopped and the recent Apple TV+ drama Cherryfeaturing Spider-Man: No Coming Homeit’s Tom Holland.

Russo’s Next Directing Effort Is Netflix’s The gray manand he is also a producer on Extraction 2 and a television adaptation by Valiant Entertainment Quantum and woody.

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