Storytelling school

Eldon Primary School hosts storytelling around the campfire event with National Literacy Hero, Richard O’Neill

On Wednesday February 2, Eldon Primary School received a visit from National Literacy Hero Richard O’Neil to celebrate National Storytelling Week.

As well as visiting the school during the day, after school a storytelling event was held around the campfire at Eldon’s The Burrow, with all the children and their families invited.

Head of Eldon Primary School Azra Butt said: “One of Eldon’s mantras is to read, read and read again, and nationally acclaimed storyteller Richard O’Neil mesmerized children, staff and governors with his amazing storytelling!

“During the day he announced the winners of the Eldon Reading Voice class and then told the most amazing stories to each of our classes. The children listened and laughed their hearts out! inspired to tell their own stories.

“After school our families joined us to tell stories around a campfire! Eldon’s The Burrow was a fabulous setting for this real live experience, and the atmosphere was amazing.

“Our children have developed a real thirst for reading and are improving at this very moment!”

Richard will return to school for World Book Day next month, to continue inspiring children with stories.

You can see footage from the gripping storytelling event below.