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Creepy Cuts: An interactive storytelling podcast focusing on horror, paranormal, slasher, and more.

Creepy Cuts is a podcast with a focus on bringing some of the darkest stories out there! What makes this format so special is that the podcast has an interactive approach to storytelling, with story arcs unfolding over at least a few episodes, opting for a more in-depth and engaging narrative approach. The stories are written as the show progresses, leaving more room for spontaneity: anything can happen without a predefined path, and the stories can (and must!) take unexpected turns! From horror and crime to paranormal and slasher, anything goes!

Fans of classic storytellers, authors, and filmmakers like HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, John Carpenter, Stanley Kubrick, Mary Shelley, and HG Wells should definitely check this one out.

Find out more and check out Creepy Cuts wherever you get your podcasts! The show is available on all major platforms. You can also join us on Discord to give your thoughts and feedback on upcoming episodes, and be part of the storytelling! You can also login via email ([email protected]) to send your text (if 100% original, credits will be given)

“The stories are so intriguing and addicting. The connections of the classics make it all even better. I look forward to each episode. Dan Simmons (Ghost Ride Home, How the West Was Haunted)

“So original! A friend came across the podcast a month ago and introduced me. I binged every one of them and can safely call myself a fan. Shocked that these are written so close to the exit. Jennifer Estes (Township Cardinal News, Beyond the Blue, Community Pillow)

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