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Chayce Beckham will tell you he’s not the best singer to ever win american idol. The country’s newcomer is, however, one of the best storytellers to have won the title.

A year after winning Season 19, Beckham is signed to Wheelhouse Records, with a new EP available on digital streaming providers and a catalog of proven hits and covers to back him up when he hits the stage this summer.

During a recent visit to Taste of country nights studio, he played two songs: “23” and a cover that we’ll talk about in a moment. Enjoy his fine selection of fingers as he opens up about his life before reality TV.

“23” is not on her do it right EP, a six-song collection that includes “Tell Me Twice” (a song inspired by his mother) and a sultry co-write by Tom Douglas titled “Talk to Me” which presents the Californian in a new way. Beckham is a soft-spoken singer and songwriter, but soft-spoken certainly doesn’t mean boring in this case. During his conversation with Taste of country nights‘ Evan Paul, he spoke about moving songs from his past and present and gave advice to current american idol finalists. He also compared his own performance on the show to those that came before it.

“I’m very hard on myself, but I think I may be the worst singer ever to win. american idol“, insists Beckham. “If you stop singing – if you stop choosing who has the most vocal ability and technique. If that’s what you rate, they’d all beat me. I’m proud of the songs and the songwriting and the connection with people like that, but when you walk in there with those tigers…those people can sing.”

Professionals can decide if that’s true or not, but a lot of great stylists have had long careers in country music. Legendary songwriter John Prine is certainly one of them. He influenced Beckham, and he will soon prove it, if this acoustic performance video of “23” can exceed 200 likes. It’s a rare cover you need to hear to fully understand who Beckham is today.

Watch the video above and subscribe to the Taste of Country YouTube channel for more acoustic performances.

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