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CityNews’ Sam Laprade recognized for storytelling and fundraising efforts

Algonquin College is recognizing her accomplishments with a Creative Arts and Design Award at the 2022 Graduate Distinction Awards.

The voice of CityNews’ Sam Laprade can be heard on the airwaves every weekday on The Sam Laprade Show, raising awareness of the city’s undiscovered issues while bringing his empathy and wit to every interview.

But it was in March 2020, when uncertainty was felt around the world and in Ottawa, that she became a reassuring voice on the radio – for a total of 90 days – sharing heartfelt community stories.

“It was about telling really, really difficult stories and trying to bring hope and positivity to a time when there was very little of that,” Laprade said in an interview with the Algonquin College.

Now, Algonquin College is recognizing Laprade’s accomplishments with a Creative Arts and Design Award at the 2022 Graduate Distinction Awards.

She is well known within Ottawa’s charitable community and since 2018 has hosted “One hour to give” on CityNews 101.1 in Ottawa and CityNews 95.7 in Halifax.

Laprade’s show doesn’t just spotlight local charities and nonprofits; her perspective as a mother and wife highlights topics such as mental health and domestic violence, as well as other important issues.

“Our audience, in terms of women, has grown. I get great emails all the time from women saying they’ve never listened to talk radio before,” she said.

Laprade graduated from Algonquin College’s public relations program in 1991 and credits the program’s professional placement for helping build a successful career in fundraising.

“Algonquin (College) gave me a safe place to learn and a place to discover my passions, try, risk, fail and learn again,” she said. “It’s opened doors to careers I didn’t even know existed,” she said, adding that the program helps her with her radio show, business, stand-up and more. .

After graduating, Laprade shifted his focus to fundraising for organizations such as the Ottawa Hospital Foundation, the Ottawa Humane Society, the Ottawa Mission Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa.

Continuing her charitable nature, she is making a bequest to the college to help future students get the education they need to jump-start their careers.

Laprade will receive the award at a ceremony Sept. 29 at the Ottawa campus of Algonquin College.

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