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Calendar of Events Negotiating Digital Space in Culturally Meaningful Storytelling

“Negotiating Digital Space in Culturally Meaningful Storytelling” is a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary webinar series hosted by the Canadian Center for Conscious Habitats in association with the Bachelor of Media Production and Design program, School of Journalism, Carleton University ( Ottawa) and the Bachelor of Interior Design program, Algonquin College (Ottawa). The seven-part webinar series, supported by a SSHRC Connection Grant, runs from June 16 to July 28 and will explore the multi-faceted concept of storytelling and how digital technology expands on the storytelling toolkit. As digital tools bring new ways to tell stories and remove access limitations, a host of ethical and technical issues arise – such as those of ownership, ownership, inclusion and diffusion.

Nowadays, mono-narrative is beleaguered by pluralistic dialogue, autonomous speech and alternative/traditional ways of knowing. If defined as a repository of individual and collective experiences, narrative offers a powerful strategy and tool to inform an inclusive approach to create space for alternative ways of thinking or practicing, enriched and driven by digital tools. . Is it possible to reconstruct this relationship instead of critiquing confluence and negotiating digital space in culturally diverse narratives examining methods of integration and collaboration?

In “Negotiating Digital Space in Culturally Meaningful Storytelling,” we pose the opening questions: What role can digital storytelling play when it comes to promoting and preserving oral traditions of knowledge transfer? Can digital create a parallel space for storytelling and its impact on the roles of author, narrator, reader, storyteller and story keeper? What are the frameworks in which stories operate, and what happens when digital tools are brought into play? What dimensions are added with the introduction of culturally significant and diverse forms of storytelling?

Over the seven sessions of the webinar series, these and other questions will be explored through conversations with guest speakers from diverse areas of academia and industry. Join us as we explore how to negotiate the digital space.

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