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Cabot students learn about Veterans Day through storytelling

Young students in the Cabot School District spent Veterans Day connecting and learning about active service members through virtual storytelling.

CABOT, Ark. – November 11 marks a momentous day for the people of the United States, as people across the country celebrate Veterans Day in honor of those who served in the United States military.

On this Veterans Day, even young students from the Cabot School District joined in the celebration.

Stephanie Bowers, a teacher at Stagecoach Elementary, has worked hard to teach her first graders the true meaning of Veterans Day and why we celebrate it.

“They’re not just heroes for the great things they do, but also for the sacrifices they make,” Bowers said.

Her class is one of the few in the Cabot School District to have participated in a national event called Virtual Story Time with a Service Member.

The event is hosted by United Through Reading, and it allows deployed service members to read books to children across the country.

“Military kids, that’s the life they’ve always lived. They’re resilient and they understand that. The kids that don’t experience that, they’ve now experienced that on a very minimal level. To get a better understanding Bowers explained.

Ashton Vanpelt’s dad is off to exercise and will be coming home next month… He calls his dad a hero.

“He told me about the army, I learned that he goes out and he goes out and fights and all that,” Vanpelt said.

United Through Reading CEO Tim Farrell said the organization’s raison d’être is to connect service members with their loved ones, regardless of their distance.

“We have over 200 story-recording stations around the world, on Navy ships, in squadrons and battalions, in morale, welfare and recreation facilities,” Farrell described.

Farrell also explained that there are more than 500 classrooms across the country participating in the program.

“There is so much interest in the education community to connect both their military-related students and their non-military-related students across the country to understand this experience,” Farrell added.

“It’s just a great experience to be able to share that,” Bowers said.

If you want to participate in “virtual story time with a service member”, you can find more information here.