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Busta’s Phenomenal Woman of the Week: The Storytelling Fashion Designer Turned Rejection into Success at the Fashion Ministry

By Busta Brown

The feeling of rejection in many adults can lead to emotional depression. So imagine how lonely and empty a child must feel, and the strain this puts on their character and self-esteem.

“In elementary school, I sucked my thumb to comfort myself, so I didn’t go out much to play with the other children. I was also a talking baby. When the teacher came to take me out of class, I didn’t understand why I was away from the other students. So, I considered that a rejection. I didn’t understand this until I started my career in special education.

“Now, as an adult, I understand that was God’s way of showing me that if you spell the word rejection, the word ‘eject’ is in rejection. God kicked me out of an unhealthy relationship, who was the kicker. And God placed me where I needed to be, and now I can move on to my calling,” Swynette explained.

You have heard it said, “A family that prays together stays together. Every Sunday, Swynette Stone and her family did just that. “After Sunday service, we always went home as a family. We gathered in the living room, read the scriptures, and then prayed together. Keeping God first was the most critical foundation my parents instilled in me as a child. So as an adult, that foundation is solid,” she said.

God used those feelings of childhood rejection and molded Stone into the phenomenal woman she is today. The sweet, feisty mother of two has become something of a guardian angel during her 23 years of special education. “I see a need to be a bridge as an extended parent. I see so many students coming to school whose parent is unavailable for one reason or another. So grandparents and foster parents look after the students My goal is to exploit and intervene early with young women, so they can know their value, the power of their voice and their value.

In 2019, in its efforts to build character and confidence in people of all ages. Stone gave the Winston-Salem Fashion Week audience an unforgettable moment with “UP CLOSE.” One of the most memorable was the children’s story, “The Ugly Duckling”, which is the story behind his designs. She was very open about her experiences of rejection at a very young age and used “The Ugly Duckling” to inspire and empower her audience.

Swynette Stone is also the owner of Swan Te’ Designs, Nove’ Impressions and Accoutre Bridal Boutique. The true love for his students goes far beyond the building. The Swan Te’ Designs company fashion shows of Stones are not to be missed. She brings the vibe, fashion and energy of New York Fashion Week to the Triad. It’s an amazing sight to see! His creations are comparable to the best designers in Paris.

But the scenes that will melt your heart, “some of my models are straight out of the special education program. I challenge them to get on the track and it’s amazing what it does to boost their self-esteem. And they tear up the track! I mean they rip it! It means a lot to me because of my feelings of rejection at such a young age.

“One of my students is now an adult, married and the father of three children. She is also an incredible spokesperson. So, parents, let’s start early with the intervention and our daughters will know their self-esteem and the power of their voice,” an emotional Swynette shared.

Swynette has been doing God’s work since 1998. Her beauty salon, Styles from Heaven, has partnered with the Salvation Army Women’s Shelter and the community to provide moms with cool hairstyles for job interviews. . “Even back then, my focus has always been on building confidence, self-esteem, job readiness, appearance, education, and beauty enhancement.”

Currently, his company, Nove’ Impressions, offers full professional wedding planning, event coordination, decoration and event design services. With a variety of packages to meet your love dream.

Stone caught the fashion bug one day watching her aunt sew and braid hair. “Me, my sister and my cousin had the opportunity to be part of the walking groups at the YMCA with Mo Lucas. We needed uniforms and my aunt was a seamstress. Since that day I have seen her sew these uniforms, I always wanted to be like my aunt.

“On top of that, my mum and dad didn’t have a lot of money, but mum knew how to pack nothing and made sure her seven kids were freshly dressed and our hair kept looking good. She knew how to make our clothes come to life, because if they didn’t fit, she knew how to make them fit like they were store bought. So my aunt and my mother were my inspirations to do what I do today.

It was in college that Swynette really harnessed her gift. “My mom used to dress my sister and I like twins and I didn’t like that. So I started dressing how I felt. I always stood out because my style was different, because I didn’t follow the trends. I’m the trend,” boasts Stone.

After graduating from high school, she attended North Carolina A&T University. During this time, she faced a few challenges. “There was no fashion program there. So A&T tried to give me courses close to fashion and design. I was there for a year and got pregnant, so I had to come home, and it was a huge challenge,” she said with a heavy heart. It was crystal clear as I looked into her eyes that she was still saddened by the situation.

The brilliant Winston-Salem native earned a degree in sociology from Salem College in Winston-Salem. Continuing her interest in special education, she went on to study at Grand Canyon University, earning a master’s degree in special education in 2005. Yet the fire was still burning for a degree in merchandise and fashion design.

As you have read so far, she is a fighter and quitting is not an option. So what’s the next step? “Thirty years later, at the age of 56, I will soon be enrolled in university. It’s never too late,” Swynette said. She is a perfect example of natural talent and an inspiration to anyone with a dream, hard work and, of course, prayer.

“I put God first in everything I do. So, I trusted God and started sewing. No classes, and no type of training. It’s just a gift and my ministry. I use my creations on the runway to serve people. I like to tell my story to people who are suffering like me. I am a fashion designer who tells stories. I heard someone say, fashion is a way of talking without saying anything,” she confided with a sweet, sweet smile.

What is Swynette’s favorite handwriting? “Psalm 23! But there is a difference between knowing the word and applying it. As an adult, I understand that too.

My Phenomenal Woman of the Week is Swynette Stone.