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Alex showcases his creativity through storytelling

The Alex Theater Company and Academy, in partnership with the Gauteng Film Commission, hosted an Alex Creative Day on March 31 at the San Kopano Centre.

“The Alex Theater Company and Academy has taken this initiative and invited the Alex community to come and share this day,” said Archie Matsetela, director of the academy.

He added that they had performances from their company members, who did about five theatrical performances during the day, ranging from theatre, music and dance.

Director of the School of Education at the Masiza Mbali Academy; academy office administrator Chantelle Semrenya; director of the Alex Theater Company and the Mpho Masilela Academy; and Head of Dance and Artistic Director Archie Matsetela. Photo: Kamva Bena

“We are in partnership with the commission, so we will screen local films over the next six months at the San Kopano center. Each month, we will invite people from Alex and even from outside to come and see the films.
“We thought storytelling couldn’t die because of Covid-19 and society could learn a lot from movies and theater performances because we talk a lot about societal issues.”

Admission to the film screening and theatrical performance is free and they also offer free popcorn to the public. “Anyone is allowed to come and see the films, depending on the parental supervision requirement of the film. If the age limit is over 13, children will not be allowed.

Letters of Hope performed for the public during Alex Creative Day. Photo: Kamva Bena

Matsetela concluded: “This one in particular [was] for the whole family and, since it [was] always during the school holidays, we decided to show a film classified for everyone so that the children can also come to see it. The movie is called Letters of Hope directed by Vusi Africa.


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