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A free storytelling workshop will take place at the Highline Heritage Museum on Wednesday, July 6

The “7 Stories” storytelling group will host a free storytelling workshop on Wednesday, July 6, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Highline Heritage Museum (map below).

Barbara and Ron Hammond will lead the workshop. They just celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary.

“Storytelling is a family tradition in both of our biological families,” they said. “We read and told stories to our four children until the youngest went off to college – starting with ‘The Carrot Seed’ and ending with Mary Oliver and ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe’. Barbara studied storytelling with the great Spencer Shaw at UW as part of her training as a children’s librarian in Ron Soars.

Before coming to the workshop, think of a story from your life that can be told in a minute or two. Storytelling is a lot like playing jazz – it requires both careful preparation to prepare and improvisation to present. Barbara and Ron will discuss both aspects and help you refine the story you bring with you into something you would be proud to present.

We are never more compelling than when we tell our own stories. Everyone has it. Sharing them is both rewarding and fun, but benefits from careful preparation. Spend an hour and a half with two experienced storytellers and learn some tricks of the trade.

Who hasn’t been captivated by a powerful or funny story? “7 Stories” is an evening where such stories are told – to build community, empathy and celebrate our diversity.

Each “7 stories” evening has a theme. Storytellers register and are selected in advance. True stories are compelling and raw. This is not a theatrical performance, but true stories from your friends, acquaintances or someone you have never met. These stories are told from the heart. The program is presented by our host of the evening, with a short biography of each storyteller.

WE NEED YOU. Please consider sharing your true story in the spirit of community and friendship. We will coach/help you as much as you want. To register, go to; or write to us at [email protected]

Upcoming topics are:

    • July 22: Coming to America/Adapting to America
    • August 26: Say Yes – Take Risks
    • September 23: first job/worst job
    • October 28: Silver Linings

To learn more about ‘7 Stories, visit

To view videos of previous ‘7 Stories’ events, Click here.

The Highline Heritage Museum is located at 819 SW 152nd Street in Olde Burien: