Storytelling school

A family storytelling workshop will take place at Athlone Library

A family storytelling workshop organized by Repair Acts Ireland will take place at Athlone Library today (Tuesday) from 3-4pm and 6.30-8pm.

The Intergenerational Workshop aims to foster vibrant and restorative restorative cultures in Ireland by connecting past stories of repair and mending things of the past. Storytelling events examine the histories, cultures and economies of artefact repair in Irish culture, with a focus on Westmeath and in particular the towns of Athlone, Kilbeggan and Mullingar.

People are encouraged to bring a repaired item or a photograph of a repaired item such as a repaired or broken item of clothing, jewelry box or heirloom. All stories will be uploaded to their website the same day and will contribute to the creation of the “People’s Daily Repair Archive”.

During the workshop, participants will be asked to tell the story behind the object. How did it break, how was it fixed and why? They also want to hear people’s advice on keeping something or problems they had fixing something.

Repair Acts, Ireland is a 16-month project by artist Teresa Dillon in collaboration with Dr Alma Clavin, an academic and social scientist at UCD School of Geography and Westmeath County Council, to explore the concept of cultures of repair.

The workshop is free but registration is required. You can pre-register at the library or online at