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5 Ways Storytelling Is Fun As A Fantasy Space Pirate With Spelljammer

If you have thvuh heard something described as “like dungeons and dragons in space” gone are the days of imagining this mashup like the new 5e adventure setting spelljammer is literally Dungeons and Dragons in Space.

spelljammer has been a fan favorite since it launched in AD&D in 1989 and this release marks its first official entry since 1993. If you’re not already familiar with its glorious camp campaign and the Flash Gordon the roots are lost to you, think more along the lines of Gtutors of thfor exampleto thexy flavored generously with all the swords and sorcery and miniature giant space hamsters you can handle! Speaking of what…

Reason #1: You can have your very own miniature giant space hamster.

“Go for the eyes, Boo!” is a quote etched in the minds and hearts of everyone who has played Baldur’s Gate games. Boo is back, leading the charge with his own aptly titled tome of space creatures. booit’s liketral Menagerie (BAM!). Perched atop trusty ranger shou, Minsc, Boo the miniature giant space hamster is a perfect mascot for the unapologetic fun splattered across those vibrant pages of galactic beasts.

Whether you’re a kid or just want to feel like one again, it’s strangely comforting to leave the affairs of this mundane world behind and project yourself into the possibility of encountering solar dragons, space clowns (they’re actually more terrifying than you imagined, so multiply that fear by itself and you’ll be almost there) and vampires. Yes, undead cosmic energy-draining swordsmen are totally real. Are you ready to fight one? Are you ready to be one?

Reason #2: Interactive storytelling is therapeutic.

Aside from the mind-blowing fear of space clowns, Dungeons and Dragons has actually been used in clinical settings to help improve mental health. Tabletop role-playing games can offer more than just an opportunity to mow down junk food and stand on natural 20s with friends, though they certainly are too.

Game settings are commonly used in therapy environments to give children and adults the opportunity to explore different modes of behavior in a low-stakes environment. Of course, your character might be regaled by the gargantuan 150-foot-long centipede monstrosity (on page 36 of BA M!) it’s the Megapede, but there’s very little real consequence for becoming the cheat-day snack for this stellar horror show. Plus, your friends will usually find a way to bail you out. That’s why D&D is used by the coolest therapists around the world to help combat social anxiety, build problem-solving skills, and build support networks.

Reason #3: These astral adventures come to you.

A bit like CStrahd Ursa, where, the mists of Ravenloft transport you away from whatever world/setting your character calls home, the speller the adventure included in the set, Light of Xaryxis (Lox), begins where your level 5 adventurers earned their proverbial spurs. So if you’re new to Wildspace bounties, your character probably is too. This level playing field is particularly welcoming to new players and gives more seasoned spacedogs new horizons to explore. The quest is helpfully divided into four parts, each with three chapters meant to be tackled in two to three hours each. After some lightning-quick math, that means that even if you and your friends only gathered around the table (or the digital equivalent) once a month, you’d have an entire year of crazy galactic freebooting ahead of you. .

Homebrew Dungeon Masters beware, the disclaimer at the start of Smoked salmon warns: “This adventure wreaks havoc on your beautifully imagined, home-made campaign world. We hope your players care enough about your world to save it, but if not, can- present the Rocher de Bral to us as an alternative? Don’t forget to leave your vendettas on the quays.” The Rocher de Bral is a city built on (and under) an asteroid, by the way. Keep it in your back pocket in case you clear the homeworld.

Reason #4: You can finally captain (and/or plunder) a galactic ship.

Was your last ship turned into high-speed toothpicks by a frantic school of void-diggers? Yes, they are 20ft cycloptic space sharks that can emit fear beams (because how else would you know to be afraid?) from their singular front mount no! spell jammerit is Astral Aadventureris Gguide (AAG) is essentially an endless wishlist of ships fit to cross the airless oceans of Wildspace. You have your traditional space galleons, sporty damsels, dependable lampreys, and a plethora of winged, tentacled, and even living wooden options. AAG has you covered for all the ship-to-ship combat mechanics and astral fishing rules you’ll need to forge your space pirate fantasies into scintillating reality.

It’s easy to get pleasantly lost amid the limitless potential unfolded on page after page of passionately illustrated illustrations and diagrams. Picking up the book during a break from work or life can offer a little escape, or shove a dagger into someone else’s table and dive deep to plan your conquest as the future scourge of the Astral Sea! Or maybe you dream of operating an honest merchant fleet with responsible margins and attractive retirement options for crew members from stern to stern. Don’t let anyone else tell you how to play D&D.

Reason #5: Everything is better with the word “space” in front.

Space hamsters (“Boo needs to exercise lest he bite us all in hard-to-reach places”), space eels, space clowns (NOT AGAIN.) , space pirates, it’s all space Dungeons and Dragons. Whether spell scrambler Asp adventuresace is highly anticipated or a brand new find for you, it’s an invitation to leave your woes behind you, at least for a while. Do you trade the troubles of this world for untold cosmic calamities like lack of breathable air, kidnapping by githyanki buccaneers, and scurvy? Absolutely. Bring limes. Swords, space clown mace and files.

Friends are the other thing you can add to this list. Whether you have a loyal group of d20 enthusiasts or are looking for new companions online or at a local game store, the bonds you form are the real treasure of D&D. Sail the Astral Sea and make space friends.