Melissa Heckler wins 2016 NSN International
Story Bridge Oracle Award

We are thrilled to report that we have another award winner in our midst: Melissa Heckler is the winner of the National Storytelling Network’s 2016 International Story Bridge Oracle Award. Melissa was nominated for the award (by Carol Birch) for her work with the Ju/'hoansi in Nyae Nyae, Nambia (on the African continent). Because of her commitments in Nambia at the time, Regina Ress accepted the award on Melissa’s behalf during the National Storytelling Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. Way to go, Melissa!

Thelma Ruffin Thomas
Honored to be in the Circle of Life

In addition, our own Thelma Ruffin Thomas was named one of the Honorees at the 3rd Annual Circle of Life Celebration at the Union Theological Seminary (St. James Chapel) on Tuesday, June 21st. Thelma is being honored with the Ally Award for her work on behalf of the Kwanzaa Kids Initiative. Congratulations, Thelma!

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